Sell to win. Play for good.


At Playfora, we’re changing the social commerce game for good with the world’s most playful and charitable buying and selling experience.

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Three can play this game.

With Playfora:

•  Play Hosts (you) sell collectibles, luxe items, or rare merchandise via thrilling experiences known as Plays.

•  Players (buyers) pay an Entry Fee or can earn a Free Spot to participate in the Plays and vie for cool stuff.

•  Play-4-Good Partners (charities) automatically receive one percent or more of the Play’s proceeds.

Seriously, with Playfora, everyone can feel good about doing good.

Slide Playfora into Your Social Selling Strategy

Playfora fits perfectly into your existing social selling plans. You just create your personalized store and share your Play Link on your social selling channels.

Apply now so you’re ahead of the game.

Why Playfora?

Because selling on Playfora is exciting. And, you can feel good about supporting important causes. But, we’ll give you three more reasons to apply to be a Play Host now:

You won’t waste time with manual contests or
auctions, payment processing, or winner selection.

You’ll always get full asking-price for your items and
you won’t have to pay listing fees or hassle with returns.

Plays are fully compliant with federal regulations, Play Host and Player data is private, and all transactions are secure.

Are you game?